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SCHUKRA is the
leading manufacturer
of Lumbar Support

Sit down and relax!
4 out of 5 adults suffer from time to time with back pain.
People who sit for long periods during work have as many back problems as
people who lift weights every day.

Even young people are affected by back pain. Back pain is the prevalent cause
for restriction in mobility with persons under 45. Starting at the age 30 the inter-
vertebral disks become thinner, slip away more easily and could probably
squeeze the nerves of the spine.

Especially the shoulder and lumbar zones suffer from long seating sessions.
SCHUKRA has developed lumbar support systems especially for these problem
areas. They support the spine in its natural shape and provides for an even
pressure distribution on the vertebral disks. Simultaneously the SCHUKRA
lumbar support relieves the back muscles by minimizing the static
muscular exertion.

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